Ant-Man 3: Lovecraft Country star Jonathan Majors joins in major role

Majors is said to be playing a role that offers a major clue into how Disney is weaving Fox’s Marvel properties into its cinematic universe.

Rising star Jonathan Majors is moving out ofLovecraft Countryand into Marvel country for his next big role.

Majors is joining the thirdAnt-Manmovie in a prominent role that is likely Kang the Conqueror, EW has learned. A rep for Disney did not comment.Deadlinewas the first to report the news.

If Majors’ role is officially Kang, it marks a major clue for how Disney will weave characters from the previously Fox-owned Marvel properties into its connected universe.

Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Kang, born Nathaniel Richards, grew to become a prominent villain in Marvel Comics who traversed and (as his namesake suggests) conquered multiple timelines. The character feels like a natural fit forAnt-Man, sincePaul Rudd‘s Scott Lang introduced the concept of time travel via the Quantum Realm inAvengers: Endgame.

Way back in 2015,Guardians of the Galaxydirector James Gunn wasresponding to fan comments on Facebookwhen he revealed that characters like the Shi’ar and Kang were “owned by Fox.” Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox properties—which included the movie rights to X-Men, Fantastic Four, and other Marvel characters—becamefinalized in 2019.

Though Disney releasedThe New Mutantsin theaters as the last remnant of what was Fox’s X-Men universe, the studio does not have immediate plans to tackle the X-Men in a major way. Disney held a summit in early 2020 as a preview of upcoming titles and not evenDeadpool was on the docket at the time, asEW previously reported. However, it was clear the architects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were interested in tapping new characters from Fox into the world(s) of the Avengers. Kang seems part of that plan.

In addition to currently starring on HBO’sLovecraft Country, Majors was seen in Spike Lee’sDa 5 Bloodson Netflix after receiving praise for his role inThe Last Black Man in San Francisco. He was also cast in Netflix’sThe Harder They Fall, an upcoming Western starring Idris Elba, Regina King, and LaKeith Standfield.

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