Ask HN: Should I quit the field of software development?

I have been in the field for a few years, mostly doing backend development.

I’ll preface this by saying this field has never been my passion, just a profession I like.

I have been having an extremely difficult time with getting and clearing interviews. Screening rounds have become at least 2-3 hour long algorithm solving sessions which can range from dumb (requiring me to know some syntax that I am not allowed to look up) to extremely demanding.

System design rounds require me to solve problems that the top engineers in the world spend months on. One question I was asked was “How do you make sure that a celebrity’s tweet reaches all of her followers in less than 3 seconds?”. I had no idea, I have never handled that kinda scale. In fact most of my work experience is kinda vanilla and boring, so I generally have nothing much to draw on or much to talk about.

Also, I’m not talking about FAANGs here. I never even applied to them. I apply to basic CRUD development roles, half of them entry level, and even there, the grilling has become intense, if I even get an interview.

I haven’t even applied to jobs for weeks now, because in interviews I feel like I’m getting humiliated and I want to apologize and end them half-way.

I’m sorry if this is incoherent.

I’m sure the problem is me, since other people are doing fine. I need to draw a line and figure out some good indicators of when I should quit this industry, and anyone here who could give a few pointers on that, I would be thankful. I don’t want to throw more

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