Ask HN: Why doesn’t Grant Imahara warrant a black bar?

I think a more powerful statement would be for us to ask that Grant Imahara be honored by the black bar, rather than ask why he doesn’t warrant one.

The former is a gentle request, the latter is inflammatory.

For this, I ask @dang that we black-bar for Grant Imahara.

Doesn’t need to be considered inflammatory. I don’t think questions should be considered inflammatory especially when they don’t include recriminations or rude language. In fact the question could be interpreted as accepting the current state of things and only wanting and explanation.

I genuinely was curious. I wanted to update my model of whom was deserving so I could more accurately predict future honorings.

I think what I read from what was posted was that in your mind a decision had been made that Grant Imahara didn’t warrant a black bar; and, I’m not sure if that decision was one that had been made, just that no decision had been made.

Even better: use the contact link on the bottom of the page. dang was always prompt with a reply the few times I sent an email.

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