Business_news Elon Musk’s Cybertruck is getting absolutely roasted on Twitter, and people thinks it looks like something out of a badly rendered video game


Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the company’s new Cybertruck on Thursday night to a mixed reception.
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  • Tesla unveiled its first truck, the Cybertruck, on Thursday evening.
  • The Cybertruck is a six-passenger pickup the company says has three motors, armored glass, and up to 500 miles of range. It has an angular design.
  • Twitter has been busily roasting the Cybertruck since the unveiling, with many people saying it looks like a vehicle out of a badly rendered video game.
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Tesla’s new Cybertruck has not had the easiest start.

CEO Elon Muskunveiled the $39,900 Cybertruckon Thursday night. This is Tesla’s first truck, which Musk has been hyping up for months.

Tesla says Cybertruck is made of a heavy-duty stainless steel and armored glass and can carry six people with a maximum range of 500 miles.

The presentation itself hit a snag when Musk tried to show off the truck’s armored windows — andhis lead designer promptly smashed them.

But it seems the Cybertruck has more to worry about than a hiccup in its unveiling. Its angular design is being widely derided on Twitter.

—Ni (@Avo_NP)November 22, 2019

—Visionary Director Scott Wampler™ (@ScottWamplerBMD)November 22, 2019

—Kris Straub (@krisstraub)November 22, 2019

—yadeer (@yadeer_)November 22, 2019

Some people said the truck’s blocky design reminded them of a badly rendered video game.

—Robert Rowe (@RoweGuy7429)November 22, 2019

—Arin Hanson, you say? (@egoraptor)November 22, 2019

—King’s Letter (@TheKingsletter)November 22, 2019

—Quin69 (@quinrex)November 22, 2019

The video game comparisons didn’t end there. Some compared the design to the Warthog, an all-terrain vehicle from the “Halo” franchise.

—Windows Central gaming (@WCGamingTweets)November 22, 2019

Though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing for some customers.

—KEEM 🍿 (@KEEMSTAR)November 22, 2019

One user said its aesthetic came straight from the surreal game “Death Stranding.”

—kylo em ✨ (@retzae)November 22, 2019

Others compared the unveiling to the car designed by Homer Simpson in the 1991 “Simpsons” episode “O Brother Where Art Thou.”

—Kristian Sturt (@FootieWriter)November 22, 2019

—Ireland Simpsons Fans (@iresimpsonsfans)November 22, 2019

—James Piqué (@jamespique)November 22, 2019

A Google research scientist tweeted that the angular car was reminiscent of the Tomb-Sweeping Festival, a festival celebrated in some East Asian countries in which people buy paper models of material goods and home comforts to burn and send to their ancestors.

—hardmaru (@hardmaru)November 22, 2019

The truck’s exterior wasn’t the only part that took a hammering.

—JT (@Jrtarl)November 22, 2019

Whether the Cybertruck’s design will be an impediment to its sales remains to be seen.


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