Business_news Here are all the new college football uniforms for the 2019 season


College football is back and, as usual, a ton of teams will have changes to their uniforms.

The changes range from minor tweaks to full uniform makeovers as teams seek new excitement on the field.

Here is a rundown of the changes we have seen so far for the FBS schools, with a lot of assistance from the invaluable Uni-Watch and Chris Creamer’s

Business_news Bowling Green — New uniforms for the Falcons include a sans-serif font and diagonal stripes on the sleeves. The numbers on the white jersey have gone from brown to orange.

Bowling Green football

Business_news Cincinnati — The Bearcats have switched from Adidas to Under Armour and have new uniforms. The jerseys and pants each come with front-facing stripes. They also have an all-red 1950s/1960s throwback uniform this season.

Cincinnati Bearcats football

Business_news Arkansas — The Razorbacks have simplified their uniforms. A logo has replaced the stripes on the shoulders, and the swoosh-like stripe on the pants is now a more traditional double-stripe. The wordmark across the chest also appears to be bigger.

Arkansas football

Business_news Oregon — The Ducks have made some small changes. Believe it or not, the numbers appear to be smaller this season. They also have a faux-mesh pattern. The Nike swoosh is now on the collar, and they have introduced a forest-green uniform. Also, the two white uniforms on the upper-left are the same and are “color-changing,” presumably depending on the lighting.

Oregon Ducks football

Business_news Central Michigan — Small change for the Chippewas who have changed the font on their jersey wordmark to match their logo. The Adidas logo has also shifted from the center to the side. The yellow/gold might even be lighter, but that could be the lighting.

Central Michigan football

Twitter spotted a new helmet in a video released by the team. It appears to be a 1960s throwback." id="rutgers-one-eagle-eyed-fan-on-twitter-spotted-a-new-helmet-in-a-video-released-by-the-team-it-appears-to-be-a-1960s-throwback-7">

Business_news Rutgers — One eagle-eyed fan on Twitter spotted a new helmet in a video released by the team. It appears to be a 1960s throwback.

Twitter spotted a new helmet in a video released by the team. It appears to be a 1960s throwback." data-class=" postload" data- data-src="" data- data-title="">

Twitter/Peter Kirchner

Business_news Michigan State — The Spartans have a new alternate uniform that includes a LOT of neon green.

Michigan State football

Business_news Wyoming — Some tweaks to the Cowboys uniforms. The big changes are a new striping pattern on the sleeves and the addition of stripes to the pants. Also, the nose bumper (above the facemask) now says “Wyoming.” It used to say “WYO.”

Wyoming football

Business_news Northwestern — The Wildcats have fauxbacks this season that appear to be influenced by the uniforms they wore in the 1970s.

Northwestern football

Business_news Boise State — The Broncos are bringing back their all-black look, although it is not exactly the same as the previous version from a few years ago. This one has all-white numbers.

Boise State football

Business_news South Florida — New uniforms for the Bulls. The biggest change is the replacement of the logo on the sleeves with a single horn in reflective gold.

USF football

Business_news Iowa State — Small changes for Iowa State who have ditched the black collar and added a stripe to the sleeves.

Iowa State football

Business_news UNLV — The rebels will have a 1970s throwback helmet this season.

UNLV football

Business_news Vanderbilt — We don’t have a good look yet, but the Commodores have a “Battle Ready” grey alternate this season.

Vanderbilt football

Business_news Wisconsin — The Badgers have a fauxback uniform that is supposed to mimic what they wore in the 1890s.

Wisconsin football

Business_news Maryland — The Terrapins have a throwback uniform this season that brings back the script “Terps.”

Maryland football

Business_news Syracuse — The Orange are another school going back to a more traditional look. That includes going back to a classic orange and addition of stripes to the jerseys, pants, and helmets.

Syracuse football

Business_news Notre Dame — The Irish will have a throwback celebrating the 1988 national championship team. The numbers come with faux mesh.

Notre Dame football

Business_news South Carolina — The Gamecocks also have a throwback from Under Armour. This one is inspired by the 1980s and is called “Back in Black.”

South Carolina football

Business_news Georgia Tech — The Yellowjackets have maybe the coolest new uniform of the season. The “Cape Day” alternate is onyx grey and will honor children at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Georgia Tech football

Business_news Nebraska — The Cornhuskers have a new black alternate that is a shoutout to the “Blackshirts” nickname given to their defense.

Nebraska football

Business_news Louisville — The Cardinals have a new black-and-white alternate that was inspired by Muhammad Ali.

Louisville football

Business_news Miami — The Hurricanes have a new alternate made out of upcycled materials.

Miami football

Business_news Arizona State — This new white and maroon alternate for the Sun Devils is part of Adidas’ “strategy uniforms” given to a handful of schools for the 2019 season.

ASU football

Business_news Mississippi State — These “selfless” uniforms from Adidas are a shout-out to the T.K. Martin Center on campus. The center specializes in assistive technologies, and the uniforms include a circuit board pattern in the striping.

Mississippi State football

Business_news Indiana — The Hoosiers have an alternate from Adidas celebrating the school’s 200th anniversary.

Indiana football

Business_news Washington — The Huskies have new uniforms from Adidas.


game of the season." id="san-jose-state-the-spartans-will-wear-a-throwback-uniform-for-their-first-game-of-the-season-32">

Business_news San Jose State — The Spartans will wear a throwback uniform for their first game of the season.

game of the season." data-class=" postload" data- data-src="" data- data-title="">

San Jose State football


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