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BrandTotal executives Alon Leibovich, Amir Leshman, Omer Ramote, and Oren Dor.


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  • Marketing analytics company BrandTotal just raised $12 million in a Series B funding round, bringing its total funding to $20 million.
  • The company’s investor deck pitches it as different from other martech businesses by focusing on “dark” social media ads that are only visible to targeted consumers.
  • BrandTotal’s clients include L’Oréal and DTC furniture company Resident.
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BrandTotal is a marketing analytics company that pitches advertisers on the premise that most digital and social media ads are now “dark,” or visible only to the people they’re targeting. 

Co-founder Alon Leibovich said the company uses its AI-powered software to track those ads and help advertisers understand their competitors’ strategies. This pitch has helped BrandTotal win business from big brands like L’Oréal and raise $12 million in a Series B funding round, bringing its total funding to $20 million.

BrandTotal’s most recent deck it presented to investors is embedded below.

Canada’s INcapital Ventures led the latest round along with Maor Investments, Glilot Capital Partners, Flint Capital, KDC Media Fund, and FJ Labs. Many of these firmswere also involved in Series A, along with One Way Ventures and Keshet Dick Clark Productions.

The company is part of a crop of businesses that claim to provide greater visibility into the digital ad landscape, such as Pathmatics, which measures how much brands spend on Facebook and other platforms.

Leibovich said he calls BrandTotal “brandtech” because its software analyzes not only impressions but also creative for ads, including copy, visuals, and consumer responses, plus brands’ market share. Martech software, on the other hand, generally helps advertisers optimize the performance of existing campaigns.

BrandTotal works almost exclusively on social media, where deciphering sentiments in posts or emojis can be difficult. BrandTotal aims to translate that sort of language, but with the goal of increasing brand awareness and affinity rather than sales. Leibovich compared the company to Nielsen for paid social media.

Venture capitalists initially scoffed at the term brandtech, he said. But You and Mr. Jones, a network of marketing and tech companies and related investments that describes itself the same way,was recently valued at $1.3 billion.

Business_news This deck is an updated version of one presented to investors in 2018.


Business_news BrandTotal participated in the Microsoft Scaleup Program and Oracle Startup Accelerator.


digital ad strategies." id="the-elevator-pitch-says-brandtotals-product-the-agile-marketing-intelligence-platform-can-help-inform-digital-ad-strategies-3">

Business_news The elevator pitch says BrandTotal’s product, the Agile Marketing Intelligence Platform, can help inform digital ad strategies.


Business_news 99% of ads in Instagram and LinkedIn are only visible to targeted users, according to BrandTotal.


Business_news The company claims to leverage its co-founders’ backgrounds in cybersecurity.


Business_news According to the deck, advertisers can use the software to figure out where competitors are spending and who they’re targeting.


Business_news Unlike other marketing software companies, BrandTotal’s pitch focuses on brand awareness rather than sales.


Business_news The company says martech spending will rise to $121.5 billion in 2020.


Business_news The company says advertisers are dedicating more of their budgets to martech-like services every year.


Business_news BrandTotal looks to expand its presence around the world and sell to big holding companies.


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