Business_news Step inside ‘Billionaire Mountain,’ the wealthy Aspen enclave where the Bezos and Dell families own sprawling mansions and homes go for as much as $49 million


Aspen’s 1% take up residence on Billionaire Mountain.

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Aspen, Colorado, is America’s most expensive ski town — but it gets even pricier the more skyward you get.

Towering over Aspen is Red Mountain, also known as “Billionaire Mountain.” It’s home to high-end real estate, with sales prices as high as $49 million, staggering square footage, and scenic views of downtown Aspen and the surrounding mountains.

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It’s a haven for the 1%. From the candy mogul William Wrigley Jr. to the casino magnate Neil Bluhm, many notable names have had a home there.

Here’s a glimpse at what life (and real estate) is like on Billionaire Mountain.

Business_news Once a small mining town, Aspen is now the most expensive ski town in America — and only one of four ski destinations in the world where homes consistently sell for over $25 million.

Aspen, Colorado.


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Business_news You can find Aspen’s 1% on Red Mountain, aptly nicknamed “Billionaire Mountain” by a former Forbes staff writer, Morgan Brennan, in a December 2012 article. It’s known as a popular winter destination for the rich and famous.

Billionaire Mountain is about 3 1/2 hours west of Denver.

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Business_news Divided into upper and lower neighborhoods, Billionaire Mountain boasts views of downtown Aspen, peaks in the Elk Range, and the Aspen Snowmass, which comprises all four of Aspen’s ski mountains.

Downtown Aspen.

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Business_news Aspen’s center is about a five-minute drive down the mountain, which is also near outdoor adventures, from fishing in Independence Pass to biking alongside Roaring Fork River.

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Roaring Fork River.


Business_news Billionaire Mountain’s “phone book reads like a Davos VIP list,” Brennan wrote for Forbes.

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