Business_news The 5 Disney movies that have made over $1 billion at the box office in 2019


  • “Toy Story 4” became the fifth Disney movie to reach $1 billion worldwide, Disney announced on Thursday.
  • The company broke its own annual global box-office record last month, and has yet to release likely blockbusters “Frozen 2” and “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.”
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It’s Disney’s world and we’re all just living in it.

The company announced on Thursday that Pixar’s “Toy Story 4” crossed $1 billion at the worldwide box office as of Wednesday. It’s the fifth Disney release this year to hit that milestone. One of them, “Avengers: Endgame,” made over $2 billion and is the highest grossing movie of all time (before adjusting for inflation).

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Disney said that “Toy Story 4” is the fourth Pixar movie — after “Incredibles 2,” “Finding Dory,” and “Toy Story 3” — to gross $1 billion, and it’s the eighth highest grossing animated movie ever.

Disney broke its own annual global box-office record last month with $7.67 billion — more than the $7.61 billion it grossed in all of 2016. And the company has yet to release “Frozen 2” and “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” which will both likely gross over $1 billion (the first “Frozen” and all of Disney’s “Star Wars” releases, minus “Solo,” achieved this).

The five movies on this list don’t include “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” which is the first “Spider-Man” movie to reach $1 billion, but was distributed by Sony as part of a deal with Disney’s Marvel Studios.

Disney/Fox has accounted for over 40% of the domestic box office this year as other studios struggle to keep up.

Below are the five Disney movies that have earned over $1 billion in 2019, ranked by how much they’ve made globally: