Business_news The list of biggest movies this year from 7 major Hollywood studios shows Disney’s utter box-office dominance


  • Disney/Fox is accounting for over 40% of the domestic box office in 2019 so far.
  • The other studios don’t come close, as the second-place studio, Universal, is accounting for 13%.
  • Universal’s biggest movie in the US so far, “Us,” made $700 million less than Disney’s biggest movie.
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With movies like “Avengers: Endgame,” “The Lion King,” and “Toy Story 4,” it’s no surprise that Disney is winning the 2019 box office. But Disney’s domination is made even more clear when looking at the competition.

Disney’s market share of the domestic box office so far is more than 40% when including Fox-released movies, according to Box Office Mojo. And even without Fox, which has barely made a dent, Disney would still account for about 38%.

The other major studios don’t come close, as the next biggest studio, Universal, is accounting for 13% of the domestic market so far this year.

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Disney’s biggest movie in 2019 — and the biggest movie of all time — is “Avengers: Endgame,” which made $857 million in the US. Universal’s biggest movie so far? Jordan Peele’s “Us,” which made $175 million (the studio’s “Fast and Furious” spin-off, “Hobbs and Shaw,” could surpass this).

Disney has released four of the top five movies at both the domestic and global box offices this year. “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” which is also in the top five, is distributed by Sony as part of a deal with Disney’s Marvel Studios.

Other major studios, like Paramount and Warner Bros., have struggled to keep up, while Lionsgate has emerged to give the major studios a run for their money with some help from “John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum.” It’s leading Paramount at the box office.

We looked at seven studios’ biggest movies this year and where they stand in the box-office rankings as the summer comes to the close.

The studios are ranked by domestic market share below, based on numbers from Box Office Mojo: