Euphoria: HBO gives first look at Season 2 table read

Break out the eye glitter, the Euphoria teens are back to work.

On Wednesday, the HBO show’s official social media accounts posted a first look at a table read for season 2.

The photo shows starsZendayaand Angus Cloud dressed casually, in outfits that their respective characters Rue and Fezco would probably wear too, smiling as they read script pages together.

Reading deeper into the image, Zendaya seated next to Cloud gives fans hope that Rue has survived her assumed overdose that ended the season one finale, and hasreconciled with Fezcoafter their multiple clashes over her addiction.

Not pictured in the Instagram is fellowEuphoriabreakoutHunter Schafer. Last we saw of her character Jules, she abandoned Rue at the train station, which Schafer recently told EW atSCAD aTVfestmade her “really mad at Jules for that,” and led to the season’s morbid musical ending.

A return date for Euphoriaseason two has still not been set, but one recent update has been season one consultant Jeremy O. Harris, who wrote the Broadway blockbusterSlave Play,and the upcoming film Zola with director Janicza Bravo, has beenupgraded to co-producerof the series.

With the show’s Instagram sharing updates from production, hopefully there will be a better look at where all the characters are at, and more importantly what looks they plan to serve in season 2.

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