Football baseball basketball soccer hockey 23 accused in broad Aryan Warriors supremacist case in Vegas

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Prosecutors in Las Vegas are charging 19 men and four women with being part of a white supremacist gang behind prison and street crimes including murder, drug trafficking and identity theft.

A 152-count indictment unsealed Wednesday in Nevada state court alleges that all 23 defendants are members or associates of the Aryan Warriors, and labels the gang a criminal racketeering enterprise.

Two defendants are accused of shooting two men dead in January, and one is accused of killing a third man who was identified as homeless in a backyard tent stabbing in January.

Two are accused of stabbing a 26-year-old state prison inmate to death behind bars in 2016.

One defendant faces conspiracy, scanning device and 82 identity theft charges.

Two more are accused of anchoring a drug trafficking operation.

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