Football baseball basketball soccer hockey Erdogan, Trump reiterate solidarity against COVID-19

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Football baseball basketball soccer Hockey Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and U.S. President Donald Trump have spoken on the phone to discuss the coronavirus pandemic, bilateral relations and regional developments

May 23, 2020, 4: 11 PM

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and U.S. PresidentDonald Trumpspoke Saturday on the phone to discuss thecoronaviruspandemic, bilateral relations and regional developments.

According to an account of the phone call released by Erdogan’s office, the two leaders reiterated their solidarity in the fight against COVID-19.

They also discussed developments in Libya and Syria, agreeing to continue “close political and military cooperation” for regional stability, the statement said.

Turkey has seen a downward trajectory in infections and the death rate, but hundreds of people are still confirmed positive every day. The country has registered 154,500 infections and 4,276 deaths.

Turkey’s transport minister said Saturday that some intercity trains will resume limited operations May 28 as the country readies to restart domestic tourism. Passengers will be required to obtain a travel certification code from a government phone application. Travelers above 65 and under 20 will also need to get an additional travel permit as a full curfew imposed on those age groups continues, except for a few hours each week.

Turkey is in the midst of its first ever nationwide lockdown, lasting four days during the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr. Previous partial lockdowns on weekends and holidays had affected a maximum of 31 of 81 provinces. Erdogan said this week he hopes this round of lockdowns will be the final one.

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