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In January 2020, the epic Marvel Day at Sea returns to the Disney Magic! This event combines the thrills of renowned Marvel comics, films and animated series with the excitement of a Disney cruise during an unforgettable day at sea. You can enjoy the spectacular day-long celebration on select five-night Caribbean and Bahamian cruises sailing from Miami in early 2020.

With Marvel-themed immersive experiences for guests of all ages, here are the top five things for your family to do during Marvel Day at Sea. 

1. Experience the “Heroes Unite” Deck Show. You don’t want to miss this deck show spectacular! Assemble your family and get ready for a nighttime extravaganza hosted by Tony Stark where some of your favorite Marvel super heroes and villains come together for an exciting battle at sea, including Captain Marvel!

2. Train with doctor Strange. Have you ever wanted to learn about the mystic arts and join in the battle against the Dark Dimension? Here’s your chance! Meet doctor Strange and try your hand at creating interdimensional portals and magic spells.

3. Enroll in the Marvel Super Hero Academy. Enter the top-secret command post of S.H.I.E.L.D. and participate in special Secret agent training. At the Marvel Super Hero Academy, kids can learn the path to becoming worthy with Thor, and hone their reflexes, speed and intellect with Spider-Man.

4. Test your Marvel knowledge in family trivia. How well do you think you know the Marvel universe? Unleash your inner fan with challenging games designed to test your knowledge of Marvel’s heroes and villains.

5. Learn to draw at Animation Academy. At the Animation Academy you can learn how to draw popular Marvel Super Heroes like Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man and Groot. You also get the chance to discover which Marvel comic is perfect for you.

See what other action-packed adventures you can have during Marvel Day at Sea and book this epic cruise for your family.

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