Football baseball basketball soccer hockey US and Russia blame each other for abandoning missile treaty

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Russia and the United States are blaming each other for abandoning a landmark arms control agreement on missiles, with Moscow warning of a new arms race and the Trump administration demanding details of a recent mysterious explosion that killed five Russian nuclear engineers.

Russia called Thursday’s Security Council meeting following the U.S. test of a missile banned for more than 30 years by the 1987 intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Both countries withdrew from the pact Aug. 2.

Deputy Russian Ambassador Dmitry Polyansky rejected what he called American “hypocrisy,” saying the U.S. test Aug. 18 so soon after the expiration proved the U.S. had violated the treaty.

Acting U.S. Ambassador Jonathan Cohen countered that Russia’s deployment of multiple ground-launched cruise missiles that could hit critical European targets violated the treaty.

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