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Transcript forTrump, Biden aiming to win over undecided voters in 1st debate

Or breaking down what we expect is he from president Trump and former vice president Joseph Biden in tonight’s debate now just hours away. According to our friends over at 538 the overwhelming majority of both candidates’ supporters say they were absolutely certain to vault. 84%. Of Biden’s backers and 81%. Of troops no difference they’re really they’re gonna show up tonight however the candidates are also going to try to appeal to voters. Those few voters who may still be on the fence and one of them joins us now pastor Michael frost from couple down Pennsylvania welcome pastor. And thanks for joining us so in 2060 in his arms did you voted for Donald Trump. I don’t why are young committed this time around. We told I want to say that even in warning sixteen. I wasn’t as convinced. That I was voting for president Trump got I was voting against Hillary Clinton. I consider myself a moderately conservative Republican. Donald Charlotte was not my a chamber Republican. Through the primaries for your zero. She’s not my favorite Republican this year. I don’t like his. Arrogance I don’t think she’s. Going off on Twitter sell off for an emblazoned on seem Rupp help full children conversation. I’ll. But I’m. Not a big. The Vice President Biden some reporter or fan eager so it’s it’s who almost again it’s going to be my voting against. And enjoy hold my nose and vote for president drop again. The desk and about coarsely desire. Well I actually than best do you speak for for quite a few American vote last time and and this time although it seems like we’re more divided this time just a couple of weeks ago. You’re part of ABC’s the president and the people of that where the voters got to ask their questions directly to president Trump. And why you didn’t get a chance to ask her to understand this a pre this Supreme Court. The baskets from course most important issue for you so how does where they dominated president trumps nomination of any coney Barrett how does this new nominations with this. To replace justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of judge Amy Connie Barrett how does that impact your decision on the issue that that you wanted to raise with president Trump. I think majority on the court is a vitally important issue here in in the entire. Core social over the garment and of course who’s on how our nation goes. I guess I would describe myself as an original song want to constitution to. But during the quarter to go what the constitution says and not to reinvent launched by their decisions. And and so I wanna see conservative majority so I’m. I’m. C a fan I have known or read much of her son this morning price and justice Barrett would be. A strong addition to the court. In. Our world pastor Michael frost thanks very much for joining us enjoy the show tonight and good luck with your vote. Nine usually are.

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