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Transcript forTrump on ABC News town hall: We will protect coverage for preexisting conditions

Next question is on health care, comes from Alecia, a professor who voted for Hillary Clinton last time. Hi. Hi. Mr. President, I was born with a disease called sarcoidosis. That disease started in my skin, moved to my eyes and to my optic nerves and when I went to graduate school, into my brain. When it hit my brain, I was automatically eligible for disability for the rest of my life. I chose, instead, to get a bachelor’s degree, a masters degree, a ph.d and become a professor. That’s great. It is great. Except I still have similar health care problems. It costs me, with copays, I’m still pays $7,000 a year in addition to the copay and should pre-existing conditions, which Obamacare brought into — brought to fruition, be removed? No. Please stop and let me finish my question, sir. Should that be removed within a 36 to 72-hour period without my medication, I will be dead and I want to know what it is that you’re going to do to assure that people like me who work hard, we do everything we’re supposed to do, can stay it’s not my fault I was born with this disease. It’s not my fault that I’m a black woman and in the medical community I’m minimized and not taken seriously. I want to know what you are going to do about that. So, first of all, I hope you are taken seriously. I hope you are. And we are not going to hurt anything having to do with pre-existing conditions. We’re not going to hurt pre-existing conditions. And, in fact, just the opposite. If you look at what they want to do, where they have socialized medicine, they will get rid of pre-existing conditions. If they go into medicare for all, which is socialized medicine and you can forget about your doctors and your plans just like you could forget under president Obama. He said, you could have your doctor, you could have your plan and that turned out to be a lie. And he said it 28 different times at least. We have 28 different times. You can have your doctor, you can have your plan, well, it’s not true. But what we’re doing is, we’re going to be doing a health care plan, protecting people with pre-existing conditions, as an example, yourself. It sounds like that’s exactly perfect, that’s exactly what we’re talking about. We’re going to be doing a health care plan very strongly and protect people with pre-existing conditions. I will say this, they will not do that. I have to stop you there. I just have to stop you there, because just on a couple points. Number one, Joe Biden has ran against medicare for all. Much more importantly, Obamacare guaranteed people with pre-existing conditions could buy insurance, guaranteed they could buy it the same price after everyone else. Guaranteed a pack O.J. Of essential benefits, guaranteed that insurance companies couldn’t put a lifetime limit on those benefits. You fought to repeal Obamacare. Well, I essentially did. You are arguing in the supreme court right now to strike it down. That would do away with pre-existing conditions. No, so — You’ve been promising a new health care plan. I interviewed you in June of last year, you said the health care plan would come in two weeks. You told Chris Wallace this summer it would come in three weeks. You promised an executive order. I have it already. But you’ve been trying to strike down pre-existing conditions. I have it already and it’s a much better plan for you and it’s a much better plan. What is it? When you say Obamacare, I got rid of the individual mandate — You are striking down the whole law. Wouldn’t pertain to you, but to a lot of people, where they were going literally bust because they didn’t want to have health insurance and they were paying for it anyway and it was no good. Obamacare was a disaster. Obamacare is too expensive. The premiums are too high. It’s a total disaster. You’re going to have new health care and the pre-existing condition aspect of that will always be in my plan. But you haven’t come up with it. And we got rid of the individual mandate, which essentially ended Obamacare and I had a decision — Only because you’re arguing for it. George, I had a decision to make. Do I run — we gutted out the worst parts of Obamacare, now I have to make this decision, this is three years ago, do we run Obamacare well and do the best, even though it’s never going to be very good, or do we let it run badly? Probably letting it run badly would have been a better political decision, but I couldn’t do that. We have run it so much better than Obama ran it. Now, it’s not the same, because I got rid of the most unpopular thing — You’re trying to strike down the whole law. We have run it really well, but we also have now — if you go department of labor, a — our great secretary, as you know and you know him well, we have other alternatives to Obamacare that are 50% less expensive — It’s been 3 1/2 years. George. It’s been 40 years since you had good health care. Never really had good health care in this country. This country has never had it. But when you say that Biden doesn’t want to do it, everybody else does. Bernie does, he agreed to the manifesto, the agreement with Bernie, is that you’re going to go to socialized medicine. He ran against medicare for all. Well, he agreed. And Harris, who he, today, said harris/biden because he thinks she’s president, Harris, some day you’ll have to explain that one to me, but Harris is all for doing that, she wants to go to socialized medicine. So, you know longer have your doctor, really, and you no longer have your plan. And Joe can say all he wants, he’s only dos it because he sees his poll numbers going down so substantially, but Joe can say all he wants about health care, you know Obamacare has been a failure from day one, it’s too expensive, whether it’s the premium or whether it’s the cost generally and they don’t have their doctors and they don’t have their plans, we’re going to have a very good health care. I think maybe a great health care for less money.

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