Football baseball basketball soccer hockey Zimbabwe comedian is latest in torture of government critics

Football baseball basketball soccer Hockey

A wave of abductions, torture and arrests in Zimbabwe are targeting opposition activists and other government critics.

Comedian Samantha Kureya was this week dragged from her bed, stripped naked and tortured by masked men with assault rifles for skits perceived as anti-government. She spoke to The Associated Press about living in fear. She received threats before the abduction, but says “we all can’t just keep quiet when things are as bad as they are in this country.”

Frustration and fear have returned to Zimbabwe barely two years after euphoric scenes engulfed Zimbabwe following the forced resignation of former repressive ruler Robert Mugabe. Despite promises of a “new dawn” Zimbabweans grow more dissatisfied with President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who took over from Mugabe, as political tensions rise and the economy deteriorates.

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