G Suite Doesn’t Let You Contact Support Until Logged In. Locked Out = Stuck

I know my password for google suite admin (paid), but they have locked me out due to a suspicious login.

Google have locked me out with the following message:

“We detected an unusual sign-in attempt. To make sure that someone else isn’t trying to access your account, your organization needs you to sign in using your corporate mobile device (the phone or tablet you normally use to access your corporate account).

If you don’t have your corporate mobile device with you right now, try again later when you have your corporate mobile device with you. If you continue to have problems signing in, contact your administrator. Learn more

Go back & use your corporate mobile device”

I am unable to get back in:

* Google support doesn’t work if you are logged out

* I have no primary mobile or corporate device to complete the above step on.

What does Google expect

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