IndoEx Launches EU & UK Regulated Crypto to Fiat Exchange

IndoEx, an international company with HQs in Estonia and branch office at UK & representatives around the globe, has announced the launch of the first EU regulated crypto-to-fiat exchange. With the trading performance of millions of operations per second, a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods (wire transfers, payment cards, instant payments), support of the top trading pairs, and a robust security system, with exchange hacking insurance the platform is here to meet the needs of crypto beginners and professional traders.

The key pillars of the IndoEx exchange are legality and safety. IndoEx is the crypto currency exchange that has obtained a term less operating license, allowing it to provide services of exchanging virtual currencies to the fiat and vice versa.

IndoEx is a Decentralized exchange and that means that it holds the users’ crypto currencies. In the case of hacker attacks its customers could lose their assets. For this reason, IndoEx wanted to give more security, taking out insurance in case of hacker attacks or other problems that could undermine the security of funds, Moreover, the platform has developed an advanced security system, according to which the main assets are stored in cold wallets, where the private keys are presented as multi-sig, hence, not a single person in the company is able to access e-wallet at any time. Keys have never been performed to the devices or connected to the web, and are stored in geographically distributed locations. The IndoEx alert system blocks any operations in case of violation of database integrity or an unauthorized change.

The CEO of IndoEx, Spencer said, “We want to have the lowest fees and the best trading environment on IndoEx. We are really “pro trader”, and want to develop the tools, and features traders need to be successful.” Although the platform is available all over the world, we are currently focusing on the main countries & the confirmation of which you may see in the coming days, presently supported fiat currencies — USD, EUR. And there are more to come, and we are flexible enough to satisfy the needs of our users.”

As crypto currency is the evolving aspect of future payments, IndoEx is offering you a solution to facilitate your daily requirements. To receive an IndoEx visa card, you must process KYC and get registered with an account by going to You can get IndoEx card for free.

IndoEx trading is open now with major 9 crypto markets, and you can begin trading at IndoEx – The safest, fastest digital asset exchange, IndoEx offers users IndoEx Pro-Family to remove this platform fee forever. From August 5th through August 30th *. There are no fees to list a token on IndoEx, no restrictions on trading limits, no restrictions on jurisdictions.

IndoEx will be considered as a crypto credit standard in the blockchain ecosystem. IndoEx offers protected liquidity with sophisticated security using blockchain on ERC20 protocol. The technology is strongly compliant with KYC and AML procedures that ensure 100% anonymity and privacy for the users of the exchange. More information can be found at

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