Jay Reno of Feather, a Furniture Subscription Startup

Jay Reno is the CEO and founder of Feather. Feather is a furniture subscription service. They were in the Summer 2017 batch of YC.

You can check out their furniture at LiveFeather.com and if you live in LA, SF, or New York you can try out the service.

Jay is on Twitter @jayjreno.

00:00 – Intro

00:20 – Opting out of owning furniture

6:00 – Feather’s prototype

8:50 – How much did he make from his MVP?

9:30 – How many products did they have?

11:45 – Legacy competitors

13:35 – Changing branding from RentFeather.com to LiveFeather.com

15:30 – Customer interviews and learnings

18:00 – Scaling a company with physical products

21:00 – Why expand to other markets vs focus on one?

23:30 – Who to hire and when in a logistics-heavy business

25:40 – Unexpected learnings from scaling Feather

27:25 – Feeling his role change over time

29:15 – Counterintuitive advice

34:50 – Advice for YC founders after Demo Day



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A transcript is on the way.

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