Show HN: A compilation of cybersecurity book recommendations from 25 articles

I’ve looked at recommendations in 25 articles and compiled a list of the most recommended books on cybersecurity sorted by how often they were mentioned.

Hacking Exposed 7by Stuart McClure

Countdown to Zero Dayby Kim Zetter

Ghost in the Wiresby Kevin Mitnick

Spam Nationby Brian Krebs

Practical Malware Analysisby Michael Sikorski

Threat Modelingby Adam Shostack

Social Engineeringby Christopher Hadnagy

The Hacker Playbook 3by Peter Kim

The Practice of Network Security Monitoringby Richard

Dark Territoryby Fred Kaplan

The Code Bookby Simon Singh

Hacked Againby Scott N. Schober

The Hacker Playbookby Peter Kim

The Art of Invisibilityby Kevin Mitnick

The Art of Deceptionby Kevin Mitnick

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