Show HN: Activium – A hotline to your personal nutritionist

Hello Hacker news,

I’d like to announce the closed lunch of Activium!

I’m Husam the founder of Activium. My obsession with diet control and planning started 7 years ago during my last two years in uni. At the time I had recently joined the university basketball team, my ultimate passion and dream ever since I was a kid. I wanted to perform the best I could. Besides training really hard daily, I knew the greatest players in the NBA followed diets optimized to help them achieve their goals. While my training paid off, my dieting not so much. I was clueless, overwhelmed, gave up so many times and just didn’t know what I was doing. “If only I had access to a personal nutritionist” I kept saying to myself. It wasn’t affordable to me at the time and it’s just not practical today.

I built Activium to help others out there like me who realized DIY-ing your diet is just not feasible! So with Activium you get periodic counselling sessions with nutritionists who then design personalized meal plans, monitor your progress, answer your questions and actively adjust your diet to ensure you’re on the optimal path to achieve your fitness and dietary goals.

After all it’s only right that we humans evolve to control our diet effectively to optimize our performance.

Me and our resident nutritionist would love answer your questions about nutri

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