Show HN: Axtiva, app for your (digital) assets

Show HN: Axtiva, app for your (digital) assets
1 pointbywiradikusuma22 days ago|hide|past|favorite (please ignore the outdated screenshots, it looks much better inside) — or just search for AXTIVA (blue “A” icon).

Hi guys! Like many of you, over the time I’ve collected domain names for my “future startup” 🙂 After I managed to sell some of them, the hobby turned into an addiction and the next thing you know, I have more than a hundred 🙂

Another thing, I also like to hoard “lifetime deals,” but, just like domain names, I’m terrible at managing my inventory.

I created this app to scratch my itch. It’s a work in progress. I’m very embarrassed to show this to be honest.

Currently available on Android, but since it’s Flutter expect iOS version soon.

Stack: Flutter for frontend, Scala for backend, Dgraph for persistence, Quartz for scheduler.

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