Show HN: I made a route planner app

Hello HN,

I made the web app that helps plan your routes/road trips. It has so many options that I don’t know how to explain in simple words :), so I’ll try like this.

What is cool about it is that your routes are shareable and hackable. The routes come in the format ie.,Uk/Vienna,AT/Istanbul,TR/5h:6d, meaning we travel from London via Vienna to Istanbul, driving 5 hours daily while our total time budget would be 6 days.

At given breakpoints (after 5 hours) we can explore the nearby locality in radius of some 30-40 miles, for lodgings/hotels, stores, camps etc. (the list is long, but currently limited to few).

We can add the time we are about to spend on a given destination, and it will be automatically deducted from our time budget, so the limit will be flagged on the route.

As you could assume, I use Google Maps Javascript API, which gives me geocoding, plain routes, nearby search, and other services than the app combines them to create in colorful itineraries. (colors are for distinction)

Due to me being only developer, designer etc. it might not work well on all of the platforms, but it should work in the late

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