Show HN: Our Code Stories

You may have seen a few posts lately around the idea of sharing stories about how code develops. I have been working on this too so I thought I would (re)share

My feeling is that code is typically written by a single person on a single computer and that others really only get to see the final product. Other devs don’t get to learn much from the development process since they aren’t around to see it all happen. Pair programming solves this problem but it doesn’t scale well. In other words, there are a lot of interesting things to learn during the development process but much of it is left on the cutting room floor.

I have created a new medium that allows sw devs to guide viewers through non-trivial code examples. There is a VS Code extension for authors.

I am using it primarily as a replacement for traditional programming books, online tutorials, and youtube videos of code demos for the classes that I teach. Viewers can see code evolve and get a narrative commentary from the author while it happens. These are code focused resources which is what I think many learners want.

Here is an example of one:

These work best on a big screen. Use the >> button to quickly move through the code.

Here is all of the content I have created so far:

I want OCS to be a marketplace where authors go to write ‘books’ (alternative to O’Reilly or Pragmatic Programmers) or smaller tutorials (alternative to Medium) and where learners can go to get content (alternative to Khan Academy or YouTube). The site allows content creators to charge for their work or make it freely available to all.

I’d like to point out a few others that seem to be doing similar things:

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