Show HN: Rent other people’s workspaces while on the move at

Fellow HNer,

I never thought this day would come: I’m finally posting a project of my own on Show HN. For once, I’m so proud of myself!

The idea of Chouf.Space came as I was working on some other (side)project. Even though coworking spaces and coffee shops were aplenty, it was hard for me to find a quiet, private space to work from. Private offices for rent are of course available, but at a cost I wasn’t ready to sustain.

I long fantasized about renting other people’s houses so that I can get work done. Until one day I figured that I might just make such a service available to serve my needs, and those of people like me.

That’s how I started working on Chouf.Space, and unlike all my other projects, this one survived to see the light of the day:

I’m really happy and, from the deepest depths of my heart, hope you guys find this useful.

This is my emai

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