Show HN: Made with Phoenix LiveView

Show HN: Made with Phoenix LiveView
1 pointbyronakjain9024 days ago|hide|past|favorite
Hello HN community. This is Ronak and presenting to you ScanTheMarket( a Phoenix LiveView site to compare Fixed Deposits and Housing Loans (India).

After Covid-19 when my consultancy business dried up, I took up this project because I wanted to solve a problem I always had. Having spent a few months developing it, I now realize that making this utility tool financially viable is going to be extremely difficult. I was hoping to get some organic traffic via SEO optimizations but so far the results aren’t very pleasing.

Would love to gather feedback on –

1. How could this have been improved?

2. If it was you, what would you have done it differently?

3. How does one improve on SEO and get back-links organically? For an indie founder, the keywords are high on demand and highly competitive.

Thanks a ton

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