Show HN: Spry – Build Ecommerce with Google Sheets

Show HN: Spry – Build Ecommerce with Google Sheets
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Hi HN, Jay (memset) and Len here. We’ve built Spry (, a tool that allows you to create an ecommerce site just using Google Sheets and Stripe. We think it’s easier to use than the alternatives and priced so you don’t spend more than you make on a side-hustle.

Jay has been selling music notebooks online for over a year. His biggest pain point was the initial toil of researching ecommerce options, comparing pricing and features, and all of the sheer configuration he had to do just to get the notebooks online. We set out to fix this.

Spry is simple:
1) sign in with Google
2) add products to a sheet
3)poofthey appear on your site

We see people using it as a way to list personal items, dropship items, or as their first ecommerce site. Let us know what you think!

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