Show HN: ThinkStation – Interactive Live Education Streams for Ages 5-10

Hi HN,

We’re Mayu & Glenn, the founders of ThinkStation (Free BETA: We provide an education platform for kids aged 5-10 to learn intriguing concepts through interactive Live Instruction!

Now more than ever, we know parents are stressed out. We want to help you buy back 30 minutes of your day to enjoy a sip of coffee, nap or work! Your kids can learn about the dirty jobs of the middle ages, or learning what is money whilst you sip away on a tea with a book — and its content you can trust!

We’ve come from the realm of extracurricular education — prior to testing this, we use to run a robotics/programming camp where we taught students to learn languages such as C#, JS etc through projects and have them compete at university hackathons — and win 🙂 When COVID hit we had to shut down and it was pretty brutal — especially because we were so used to teaching students in person.

I was then helping my sister out taking care of her 3 year old daughter — and I realized working from home as a parent is a terrible endeavour. We realized in order to buy time for meetings, coffee or just a short bit of alone time we needed to create something educational, engaging/interactive and well…. not youtube. Also, easy for the parents to use 🙂

We’ve built and released our BETA via TestFlight/TestFairy (3 Weeks!) in hopes to generate as many testers and we hope to keep you entertained by our weekly patches and new content!

We run at 4pm EST on Mon/Wed/Fri (Let us know if you want us in your time zone!):
Our FREE BETA version is available via:

This release includes:

-Live Stream Videos at 4pm EST Mon/Wed/Fri

-Individual student Accounts

-COPPA compliant chat features!

Also, you are more than welcome to share amongst your family and friends!

This our first time posting in th

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