So, How About That PlayStation 5 Price?

  • Xbox Series S is a fantastic value, but should Sony try to match it?
  • With powerful hardware comes a high price.
  • The PlayStation 5 might remain at a higher cost.

The Xbox Series X is $499. This comes as no surprise. What issurprising, however, is the Xbox Series S price at $299. Combined with game Pass and Xbox All-Access, this disc-less console is thebest gaming value one can get. But it leaves one to wonder how Sony will enter with the PlayStation 5.

Should the PlayStation 5 Price Match?

Sony alsohas a traditional PlayStation 5 and a disc-less model. And recent rumors put the price at the $500/$400 points. $500 for PlayStation 5 sounds right, but many speculated a $400 disc-less version.

But with Xbox Series S at $299, should Sony lower the speculative disc-less entry price as well?

Probably not.

All of that hardware should come at a price. | Source:PlayStation

At this point, Microsoft and Sony are going after different audiences. The former is targeting a more casual one, while the latter is focused on a hardcore audience. That’s not to say there’s no overlap, but it’s clear who the primary market is for each box.

For one, the PlayStation 5 has exclusives. It’s aiming to be a premium experience that’s only possible on this platform. With new hardware comes games that can’t run on a weaker console. Gamers should expect to pay for such titles.

On the other hand, Xbox is making sure games can run on current andnext-gen, as well as PC. They’re also launching xCloud, which works on mobile devices withouta console. They’re less focused onwhatyou play, and more onhowyou play.

Of course, all of that investment in features over games comes at a cost. Microsoft’s desire to hold next-gen games back,despite what anyone says, does affect their development.

Different Hardware, Different Value

That’s not to mention that, as far as we know, the disc-less PlayStation 5 has the same hardware as the traditional one. This could make it quite difficult for Sony to lower the price. Keep in mind the Series S isweaker than the X in various ways. This makes it much easier for Microsoft to reduce the cost.

It’s a tough call to make, but Sony’s commitment is that of next-gen. This means their hardware will and should be more expensive. If the platform’s hardcore fanbase is as dedicated as they seem, sales shouldn’t be a problem for Sony.

A $500/$400 split would be perfect.

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