Star Wars Barbie dolls released for $100 each

Are these the Barbie dolls you’ve been looking for?

Mattel has teamed with Disney for a line Star Wars-themed dolls coming this fall.

The cosplay-like Barbies wear A New Hope-inspired glam-riffs on Darth Vader, R2-D2, and Princess Leia.

The only downside: They’re so pricey at $100 each you might have to sell your landspeeder.

Here’s a closer look. First there’s Leia with strappy heels, a silvery peplum belt, cuff jewelry, and an up-do inspired by her signature bun hairstyle.

The Vadar is a seductive Sith Lord in black “leather,” shades, and a cape, along with a handbag decorated like Darth’s breastplate.

The astromech droid has a dome skirt, bomber jacket, and thigh-high boots, along with blue hair and “radar eye detail.” Note her clutch is a dash of Threepio gold.

You can buy them on the Mattel site and they’ll be released in November. A perfect gift for Life Day.

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