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The allure of this particular venue (7165 Beverly Blvd.) is that Tarantino is the owner — so seeing the Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie starrer about 1969 Hollywood and theManson Familyis a unique experience for a number of reasons. (Worth noting: all July showings at the New Beverly sold outinstantlywhen they went on sale.) 

Outside, beyond the classicmarquee, there are multiple posters for the film and relating to the film, including what appears to be the prop poster used inHollywoodfor The Wrecking Crew, the film starring Sharon Tate, played by Robbie. Portions of the 1968 Dean Martin spy comedy are featured in Tarantino’s film. The New Beverly itself also makes a cameo. 

The decor at@newbeverlyis just glorious.#OnceUponATimeInHollywoodpic.twitter.com/FT5OJAipR6

— Ryan Parker (@TheRyanParker)July 30, 2019

Inside the lobby, there are additional advertisement cards for Wrecking Crewthat also appear to have been used in the movie. Behind the snack counter, two originalHopalong Cassidycups, personally owned by Tarantino and featured in Rick Dalton’s home (DiCaprio), are on display.

In the theater itself, there are two more prop posters from Dalton’s home showcasing his work in spaghetti westerns. 

As for the film (which has an 84 percent freshness rating among critics on Rotten Tomatoes), the format is 35mm, which is nice, but there are a number of theaters that also have that feature in L.A. However, the preshow presentation at New Beverly makes it special, especially when one of the film’s actresses is in the room, which was the case Monday night with Rachel Redleaf (Mama Cass) in attendance. 

The audience is treated to an extended cut of aBounty Lawsegment (the fictitious TV show starring Dalton) that showed it was sponsored by the Tarantino createdRed Applecigarettes and Hostess Twinkies. Then, there are multiple full-length trailers for films mentioned inHollywood, such as Roman Polanski’sRosemary’s Baby(1968), Joe Namath’s C.C. and Company(1970) and, of course,Wrecking Crew

Oscar-winning Shape of Water director Guillermo del Toro previously sawHollywoodat Tarantino’s theater and had some thoughts. 

“To me, watchingOnce Upon A Time in Hollywoodat the New Beverly, was a beautiful experience. Beautifully crafted and poignant. Chokefull of yearning. A tale of a time that probably never was, but still feels like a memory,” hesaidvia Twitter

The New Beverly Cinema building, which underwentrenovationlast year, dates back to the 1920s. The late Sherman Torgan bought the theater in 1978. In December 2007, Tarantinoboughtthe building to save the property from redevelopment.

“It was going to be turned into a Super Cuts,” the filmmaker said at the time. “I’d been coming to the New Beverly ever since I was old enough to drive there from the South Bay — since about 1982. So, I couldn’t let that happen.”

Tarantino does the vast majority of the monthly programming at the New Beverly; many of the 35mm and 16mm prints shown are from his private collection. It was noted by staff before theOnce Upon a Time in Hollywoodshowing Monday night that “his hands touched this print.”

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