The Monster Squad returns in trailer Wolfman’s Got Nards documentary

Film details the making of the 1987 box office bomb and how it became a beloved cult classic.

When it was released in 1987,The Monster Squadaccrued less than monstrous takings at the box office. But over the decades, a large cult following has grown around the movie in which a bunch of kids face off against Count Dracula, The Mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Wolf Man, and The Gill-man. That growing audience ultimately inspired one of the film’s stars, Andre Gower, to direct a documentary about the movie calledWolfman’s Got Nardswhich, it was announced Monday, will be released Oct. 27.

“I was thinking about all of the amazing stories that these fans have told me and our fellow castmates over the last decade of this resurgence,”Gower told EW back in 2018. “Those stories never ceased, or slowed down, or stopped. They just kept on growing, and getting deeper and more fascinating. I started to realize that there’s something really special there, that this movie had a really deep impact on a lot of people, and it was different from anything else that I could really put my finger on.”

Gower interviewed fans who turned up to attend screenings on a 30th-anniversary nationwide tour of Alamo Drafthouse theaters he undertook with costars Ashley Banks and Ryan Lambert.Wolfman’s Got Nards also includes interviews with Monster Squad-loving filmmakers like Adam Green (Hatchet), Joe Lynch (Mayhem), and Jackson Stewart (Beyond the Gates), as well as Adam F. Goldberg, creator of ABC’s The Goldbergs. Finally, the doc boasts reminiscences from director Fred Dekker and his co-writer Shane Black. According to the documentary’s producer Henry McComas, Dekker was initially reluctant to get in front of the camera.

“Fred Dekker was one of the first interviewees we tried to get and one of the last interviews we lined up,” the producer said. “Fred Dekker has a very interesting relationship withThe Monster Squad, where he recognizes it as his best movie and every time he talks about it he does light up, but because of its release, understandably so, there’s some contention with it. We sent him 30 minutes that we cut together and he took a look at it, and the next day he set up the interview. If you’ll notice, that interview starts with daylight and goes into the night. Once he started going, he kept talking, and it was one of the most inspirational experiences that I’ve had in my work career.”

As Monster Squaddevotees know, the film’s title derives from a line of dialogue in the movie uttered by the character Horace — played by the late Brent Chalem — after he makes Carl Thibault’s Wolfman double over by kicking him in the groin.

“While we were working on it, we were calling it the Squad Doc,” said McComas. “Andre came up with the titleWolfman’s Got Nards, and I think it’s pretty amazing. When you’re on the festival circuit and you’re looking at movies to go see, you’re going to spend a little time on the title Wolfman’s Got Nards. You’re going to take a look at the synopsis to try and learn more about it.”

Wolfman’s Got Nardsis produced by Pilgrim Media Group and Fitterpiper Entertainment. Exclusively watch the new trailer forWolfman’s Got Nardsabove and see the film’s poster below.

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