World_news Aaron Rodgers advises Lamar Jackson to slide –



Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson showed on Thursday night against the Packers that he’s not afraid to run, even in the preseason. But while fans cheer the way Jackson makes plays with his legs, older quarterbacks may cringe when they see a promising young quarterback expose himself to hits.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers embraced Jackson after the game, praised his performance, but then urged him to take better care of himself.

“I love watching you play, man. That was pretty spectacular,” Rodgers said. “Have a great season. Slide a little bit.”

Ravens backup quarterback Robert Griffin III, who never regained his rookie form after a serious knee injury, smiled and nodded as Rodgers gave Jackson that advice. Griffin can tell Jackson just how important it is to take care of himself, even if that means not making quite as many highlight-reel runs.

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