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ORLANDO, Fla.Sunday’s weather story will be the heat and the average chance for isolated afternoon storms.

Sunday morning will be mostly sunny with warm temperatures. The heat will be felt across Central Florida, with heat indices around 101 degrees by mid-afternoon. Although Invest 98L continues to move away from Florida, we can expect the last impulse of energy to produce isolated storms Sunday afternoon before complete abandoning Florida. The highest chance to receive isolated showers with an embedded storm or two will be between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., likely across inland locations.

Sunday evening will stay warm, but rain-free.

Invest 98L could still become a tropical system by early next week. Hurricane hunters did not investigate the area since it was over land Saturday, but it is moving over the Atlantic waters to the northeast, and they could head out to fly into it Sunday afternoon. We will notify you of any relevant information they may get if they get out of the mission.

It is not forecast to impact any region of the U.S. directly. At most, this storm will cause rough surf along the Carolina coast as it strengthens and moves over water.

It was expected for the tropics to get busier, after all, we are approaching the heart of the season. Usually, over 80 percent of Atlantic tropical activity occurs between August and October.

Mostly stable in Central Florida Sunday.

Isolated storms (4p & 6p)#Invest98 moves away from land.#Dorian moves toward Caribbean, a very hostile area for its survival- Wind shear, dry air, & if any left, the Dominican Mountains

— Irene Sans (@IreneSans) August 25, 2019

What’s the difference? Hurricane, tropical storm and a tropical depression


Tropical Storm Dorian moves to the west and it is expected to cross the southern region of the Lesser Antilles by early next week, possibly as a strong tropical storm, or a lower-end category 1 hurricane. Tropical storm watches might be issued for parts of the Lesser Antilles Sunday.




Although this system may strengthen, the window for strengthening is very short. It is surrounded by Saharan dust and dry air. Once it enters the Caribbean, wind shear will increase, which should really hinder the chances for it to gain more strength.


As wind shear is expected to increase, the chances for this system to become a hurricane become slimmer. Currently, the forecast track calls for the storm to pass about 50 miles to the southwest of the municipality of Boqueron, over the southwestern corner of Puerto Rico.

At the moment it is unknown if there will be direct impacts to Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic, the margin of error at 3-4 days out surpasses 120 miles. This can make a huge difference in having impacts of not.

2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season name list

This is a relatively small storm; tropical storm-force winds extend outward 25 miles from its center. Considering that it will enter a very sheared Caribbean, this system might weaken significantly before it even comes close to Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico and many of the Caribbean Islands may use the rain, hopefully, they won’t be accompanied by winds and be torrential, but after an El Niño phase, there have been some areas left very dry and under a drought.

Viewers have asked if this system might threaten Florida. It is too far out to know this. But considering it will struggle a lot in the Caribbean, then likely pass over the high mountains in the Dominican Republic, this system is not likely to be a big tropical threat to Florida.

We will continue to monitor the tropics closer and bring you the latest on Eyewitness News and on our free WFTV Weather app

#DORIAN At the moment it’s unknown if there’ll be direct impacts to #PuertoRico #DominicanRepublic, we’re still 4 days until it even gets into the Caribbean. Many factors to consider, esp. wind shear & lots of dry air/Saharan dust that could entrap it >>

— Irene Sans (@IreneSans) August 24, 2019

#Invest99L See it? it‘s among all that yellow/orangy..

All that dry Saharan Dust is really limiting its development.

— Irene Sans (@IreneSans) August 24, 2019

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