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“I don’t think we’re going to eradicate this from the planet because it’s such a highly transmissible virus that that seems unlikely,” Fauci said in aninterview with Reuters. “But what I think we can do with the combination of a good vaccine and attention to public health measures — by attention I don’t mean shut down, I mean things that are just prudent — then I think we can get behind this.”

Fauci, however, said he believes the nation came move past the peak levels COVID-19 cases.

“We may need to go through a season of it and then by next season, if we have a vaccine, it won’t be a pandemic, it won’t be immobilizing the world, it won’t be destroying the economy,” he said.

Fauci, a key member of the White House coronavirus task force, said he will not make a “declarative statement” about when the virus will subside.

“I don’t know. I hope and feel it’s possible that by the time we get through 2021 and go around for another cycle that we’ll have this under control,” he added.

Trump, however, has repeatedly insisted that the virus will“just disappear”at some point whether or not an effective vaccine is distributed. 

On Wednesday, Trump reiterated his claim while advocating for schools to physically reopen in the fall that“this thing is going away.”

 “It will go away like things go away and my view is that schools should be open,” he said, referring to the coronavirus pandemic.

Cases across the U.S. have gradually began falling over the past two weeks after states like Florida, Texas and Arizona experienced heavy outbreaks over the summer.

However, there is still adangerously high plateau that signifies the country is still struggling to get the pandemic under control. 

Over the last three days, the United States has confirmed about 50,000 new cases every 24 hours.

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