World_news Google Pixel owners can claim up to $500 in class action settlement – Engadget


You’ll have to provide documentation to show that you experienced the issue. You’ll receive $350 if you can prove you were hit by the mic flaw on one phone, or $500 if you dealt with the problem on multiple handsets. If you paid an insurance deductible to get a replacement, you can receive a refund for that amount. You’ll want to act quickly if you’re going to make a standard claim, though. If money runs low, the payouts will be distributed on a prorated basis.

You have until October 7th, 2019 to either make a claim or opt out to make a separate lawsuit. Patience will be necessary after that. A hearing to approve the settlement doesn’t take place until December 6th, and payments should be completed within the three months after that.

Like many settlements, this won’t be a windfall for anyone beyond the lawyers. You will get substantial compensation if you were genuinely affected, though. And consider this: if you’re still interested in Google’s phones, the $350 payout will cover most of the price of a Pixel 3a.

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