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Hero Dad Who Shielded Kids
$200k+ in Donations Post-Firings …
Offer for Free Therapy Too

9/28/2020 1: 00 AM PT


The father who shielded his kids in a shootout might be out of a job, but he’s not out of money or help — he’s up hundreds of thousands in donations, plus a lifeline for his children.

AGoFundMefor Anthony Jefferson was started shortly after news spread about his heroic deed last week — jumping on top of his three kids at a car dealership when bullets started Flying — and the account has already swelled to a whopping $273,891 … and counting.

The largest donation came in from an anonymous person, who dropped $25k. Lots of other donations have been coming in anonymously as well, in increments of $2k, $1k and then into the hundreds. In all, there’s been roughly 8,000 people who’ve contributed.

That’ll certainly help Anthony — whose wife recently told ushe’d been cannedfrom two gigs of his in painting and construction … all because he was injured from the shooting and was going to be out of commission for a while. As crappy as that is, people are clearly lending a hand to hold him and his family over for the time being.

There’s more assistance on the horizon though, if Anthony and co. want it. Dr.Raha DidevarofBig HeArts Interventionstells TMZ … she’d be willing to offer Anthony’s three young children therapy via Zoom pro bono once a week … for a year or more if they need it.

Dr. Didevar tells us she’d work to earn the kids’ trust, and once that was established … she’d set up a plan for their therapy sessions. All the family has to do is get in touch.

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