World_news PlayStation 5 games will cost up to $69.99 – The Verge


Sony revealed the release date and price for its next-gen console, the PlayStation 5, alongside news of its launch titles and upcoming games. According to a post on thePlayStation Blog, games from “our own Worldwide Studios titles will be priced from US$49.99 to US$69.99.”

Although not unexpected, the price point is a jump from the current era of consoles, which typically run about $60 for a new game. Launch day titles such as Bluepoint’sDemon’s Soulsremake andDestruction All Starswill be the first to carry the new price point.Marvel’s Spider-Man: Mile Morales Ultimate Edition —another launch day title that acts as an expanded version ofMarvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Moralesfor $49.99 — will be available for $69.99 as well.

PlayStation 5 launchesNovember 12thfor $499.99. Adigital editionwithout a disc drive will be available for $399.99.Other titlesannounced today includeFinal Fantasy XVI,Hogwarts Legacy, and a newGod of Wargame.

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