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11:57 AM PDT 8/21/2019


Lexy Perez

Courtesy of CBS

Taylor Swift is set to appear on ‘CBS Sunday Morning.’

In an interview with Tracy Smith on ‘CBS Sunday Morning,’ the singer revealed that she “absolutely” plans to return to the recording studio.

Taylor Swift has a plan to regain control of her back catalog. 

In clips from an interview with Tracy Smith on CBS Sunday Morning, the music superstar revealed that she intends to rerecord her songbook to offset the controversial $300 million deal between Scooter Braun and Big Machine Label Group founder Scott Borchetta that put earlier versions of her masters in the hands of Braun.

Following the news that Braun’s Ithaca Holdings had acquired Big Machine Label Group, and with it the entire catalog Swift released through Borchetta’s label, the singer-songwriter took to Tumblr to share why she was upset with the deal and directly addressed Braun and Borchetta. Swift referred to the deal as her “worst case scenario” and notes that she learned of the deal “as it was announced to the world,” and that the news immediately brought her back to “the incessant, manipulative bullying I’ve received at [Braun’s] hands for years.”

Borchetta responded to Swift’s fighting words in his own post, titled “So, it’s time for some truth…,” in which he wrote that her father, Scott Swift, is a shareholder in Big Machine and was notified of a call with shareholders taking place June 25, saying that all shareholders were notified of the pending deal with Ithaca. Borchetta also argued that Taylor Swift and her attorney Don Passman went over the document in great detail and talked through the deal together, where he alleges she rejected the deal in favor of moving her business to Universal Music Group.

“Scott Borchetta never gave Taylor Swift an opportunity to purchase her masters, or the label, outright with a check in the way he is now apparently doing for others,” Passman told The Hollywood Reporter about that aspect of the dispute. 

In the in-depth interview, Swift tells Smith that despite contrary reports from Big Machine officials, she learned of the deal “when it was online” and heard nothing from anyone on her team about it.

When Smith asked whether Swift would try to rerecord her early music, the singer responded, “Oh yeah.” 

“That’s a plan?” Smith asks to which Swift says, “Yeah, absolutely.” 

Swift’s interview with Smith is set to air in full this Sunday. The interview arrives amid the release of Swift’s anticipated new album Lover, which will bow Friday. To celebrate the release, Smith will also give an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Swift’s new music video and for the release of her new single. 

The interview will broadcast Sunday, Aug. 25, at 9 a.m. ET/PT on CBS. 

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