World_news The Catholic Church Shakes—Along with the Epstein Estate and Others—as Sex Victims Act Opens Window of Justice – Daily Beast


Jeffrey Epstein is dead, but many of his enablers are still with us, part of generations of adults who preyed on children—monsters who have long been protected from their crimes with the passage of time and, too often, the protection of the institutions they served. In New York, the effort to change the law and extend the statute of limitations for these heinous crimes had been frustrated for more than a decade. 

Who in the world wanted to slam the door in the face of those harmed by those they trusted when they were too young to do anything about it? As it turns out, upstanding pillars of the Catholic Church and others in cahoots with Republicans who, until last year, controlled the New York State Senate, that’s who.

If this troubles you, wake up this morning and say Hallelujah. As of Wednesday,  the law in New York that cut off a child victim’s chance for justice for most crimes when they hit the tender age of 23 is dead. In its place is the long-delayed child Victims Act, which removes the state’s strict statute of limitations on sexual crimes against children and begins a one-year window to revive past claims, no matter how old. It extends the statute of limitations to allow for criminal charges against sexual abusers of children until their victims turn 28 for felony cases, up from the current 23. It allows civil actions against abusers and the institutions that enabled them until victims turn 55.

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