World_news The new Chromecast with Google TV will get an Ethernet adapter, but it will cost $20 – Android Police


Most people use media streaming devices with regular Wi-Fi connections, but as 4K video and cloud gaming become more popular, wired internet is always a good option to have. There was some concern that the upcomingChromecast with Google TV donglewouldn’t support Ethernet at all, but Google has now confirmed it will — with a catch.

When Google released the Chromecast Ultra in 2016, it included an Ethernet connector on the power adapter, giving people an easy option to use wired internet if desired.Early unboxing photos and videos of the Google TV dongleshowed no such port on the power adapter, leaving some to wonder if wired internet would be supported at all.

While it’s true there is no Ethernet jack on the power brick that comes with the Chromecast, Google has listed a separate power adapter with the connector on the Google Store. It costs $19.99, and the estimated shipping date is currently in October. You can buy it from the link below.

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