World_news US Border Patrol seized OnePlus Buds as ‘counterfeit Apple AirPods’ – Engadget


In what looks like an embarrassing error, US Customs and Border Protection (CPB) hasseizeda shipment ofOnePlus Buds, believing they were “2,000 counterfeit Apple AirPods,” as spotted byThe Verge. “CPB officers at JFK Airport recently seized 2,000 counterfeit Apple AirPods from Hong Kong, valued at $398K had they been genuine,” the agencytweeted.

— CBP (@CBP)September 14, 2020

Despite theresemblanceto Apple’s famous stick-like Airpods, however, the box clearly indicates that these are OnePlus Buds. And they’re priced at $80 apiece and not $200 like Apple’s Airpods (with charging case), so the correct value of the shipment is more like $160,000 and not $398,000.

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